Nameri National Park & Tiger Reserve, Assam India

Spread across two states of North East India Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, India. This evergreen Nameri National park resides on the foothill of Eastern Himalaya mountain ranges, spreading toward east of Kameng (Jia-Bhorali) River banks. 181 Km north-east toward Tejpur from the Guwahati – the capital city of Assam and gateway to North East India. Easily reachable from Tejpur which is just 35 Km from Nameri by roads, with plenty of private and shared taxis available from Tejpur. For tourist the National Park opens up between November-April and closed during other months.

Before entering into the Nameri forest one requires permission from Forest Ranger office located within Nameri Eco Camp a small forest resort for tourists. Permission can be easily acquired from officers with minimal entry fee and ferry ride charges, along with Digital Camera charges if you want to shoot photographs. Taking a forest guard is mandatory for the safety of people and optionally may ask to accompany a guide for the forest walk.  Tip : carry the money as cash as the nearest ATM is in Bhalukpong which is around 20 Km from this Eco Camp.

Forest Ranger’s Office at Nameri Eco Camp

Ferry ride point is around the 2 Km from Eco camp and best to reach at ferry point is continue with your own private vehicle or vehicle can be hired from Eco Camp for drop and pick-up. One has to cross Jia-Bhorali River to reach Nameri national park on other side of the river in this small boat paddled manually, which is not scary but cool experience.

Ferry Ride to cross Jia-Bhorali River

If crossing the Jia-Bhorali and one of a thing and once you are one other side of the shore, can walk and experience the clean air, forest and river-side of the National Park. The forest walk and safari begins from here. As a responsible traveller would request to everyone not to litter in such beautiful place, and respect the forest and inhabitant animals and birds.

River-side walk toward Nameri Forest

Nameri National Park is heaven for the birds, it is house to more than 350 diverse bird life species. And also to house of more that 30 mammalian species including Asian Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Leopard, Wild Dog and Tiger among many to name it. The forest walk and safari trial is approx. 5 Km in length with two watch tower on-route and opens for safari from morning 6 AM-4:30 PM. For sake of safety it is better to be quite and not to make much sound, and suggested to wear the dull and faded color cloths to camouflage oneself. While in safari always follow the instructions of forest guard and guide and make sure they have working firearm and ammunitions just in case encounter with wild ones 🙂 !

Your Guide to Nameri National Park !
Birdy !

There will be lots of bird encounter on the way during forest walk, it would handy if can carry binoculars to spot them clearly, since the forest is typically a Tropical Rain Forest with tall trees and these birds usually prefer to stay on top branches of trees. At one moment we were about to encounter the wild Elephant herd, and we all feared to death. Thanks to our forest guard, he quietly and safely guided us through the rest of forest trial. Also lucky spotted wild Bisons. Tiger sighting are rare as they resides deeper in the forest, last known sighting of Tiger happened Jan-Feb this year. Please don’t forget to have glimpse of photo gallery at  bottom of the blog post, wish you all like it!

Our cool Forest Guard!

We visited the National Park in mid March and had forest walk and safari in afternoon, which is not the best of time to encounter the rich and diverse wild life of Nameri National park, but I am amazed by the serene beauty of the forest and how this place is a sanctuary for not many wildlife animals and birds but also to diverse flora and fauna and you will encounter some beautiful landscapes.

During Mid March still Greener but not at best compared to raily season

Enjoy the photo gallery here, clicked while we are venturing into the wild ! One of amazing experiance I had when we were closer to the Nature in this beautiful Nameri Natioanl Park and Tiger Reserve.

Nameri National Park Photo Gallery:

Bird sighting at Nameri National Park
Birds grazing over grass
Insects !
Butterfly !
Picturesque landscapes !
Paths where wild Elephents just walked by before us !

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