Prashanti Cottage – Bhalukpong, Assam India

Lay next to the shore of Jia-Bharali river in Bhalukpong, Prashanti Cottage is one of unique and beautiful resort which is perfectly fitting to be called – laying on lap of nature. What makes it unique in many sense is that the small town Bhalukpong itself lies in two Indian state, some part of it is in Assam and some part of it is in Arunachal Pradesh. Though Prashanti Cottage resides in Assam but one can easily walk few yards from the resort and be in Arunachal Pradesh. It is set and maintained by Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) and private body.

prashnati Cottage

When I mean Prashanti Cottage being closer to Nature is that, the cottage share it’s boundary with Jia-Bharali river. One can see the river flowing through nearby mountains from north and descents towards west which finally joins mighty Brahmaputra river at Tejpur. If west of the river has the cottage on other side in east of river lay the hills and forest which are part of Nameri National Park and Tiger Reserve. In the early hours of dawn and hours of dusk one can see many of birds nearby and frequent chirping of these birds as they fly around from one tree to another.

Jia Bhorali River

One can choose those cottage just next to river bed, with a glimpse of river directly from cottage as well as balcony, and enjoy the soothing sound of river Jia-Bharali as it flows through pebbles and rocks. The best and perfect time to enjoy the serene beauty of this place is early morning when sun is rising from east behind the jungle and hazy mountains.


Prashanti Cottage also offer and organises many adventure activity river rafting, river walking, jungle safari, camp fire depending upon weather and river condition. One can ask Cottage staff for organising and taking part in these adventure activity. On rooms one can choose standard rooms with budget options or can choose small cottages based on need and comfort.

Recommended to try the food which is prepared and served in the Prashanti Cottage. They serve a wide range of delicious dishes both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food, varying from local Assamese cuisine to Punjabi cuisine, and once you tasted a bit, oneself will always crave for more. Highly recommended to enjoy the food server in cottage.


Travelling in North-East states of India is in itself a complete different experience, on my first experience of traveling to these majestic and enchanting lands I fell completely in love with the places in North East India from head to toe, best part being it was my first solo trip and that to this North East states which lesser known to people. This was my second trip to North East India, a road trip with group of friends from Guwahati, Assam to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh for nine days. One will not find great luxury and exotic comfort while travelling in North East states, but the places and people and their vast culture have a magical aura which is just amazing and one cannot stop themselves to spell bound from it. Haven’t travelled in all the seven sister states of North East India but it is on my list and will be going back to visit these unexplored places again very soon.


Nearby Places to Visit: Nameri National Park and Tiger Reserve (16 Km toward Tejpur, Tippi Orchid Sanctuary (7 Km toward Bomdila) will be posting more about these places in future post, but if want to know about these place absolutely feel free to connect with me.


Wish everyone want to travel to North East to have an amazing experience and in case any query or information require; you are most welcome please connect with me I would love to help per my experience. I would love to hear from you about the blog post and feedbacks, so I can improve and share more of experience and information which you love to hear and seek, Gracious!



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