Madhumita’s Homestay, Guwahati

This is my first blog post and when I thought of writing, I promised myself that my first blog would be about the Madhumita Homestay in Guwahati Assam, India. Staying over with Mudhumita and her family for two day Homestay was one of the best and incredible moment of my journey to North East states of India.

After little bit hustle and getting lost around the Guwahati, I reached to this beautiful house of Madhumita. I was welcomed in most warm way and I felt home the moment I stepped into the house. The best part is room is on the top.

Room Details : Room on the terrace is spacious enough to accommodate 4-5 people easily, though I was staying there my myself. You will have all the amenities you require AC, fan if looking for just the gust of wind, a personal study table if you like read, write or work if you want. Bathroom is spacious too with facility of hot and cold water.Has plenty of room to sit outside on the balcony to enjoy the morning cozy Sun or just stray for stars on the night sky.


Best part it got the beautiful terrace garden just outside the guest room, you will always find yourself closer to nature.


About Host: Mrs Madhumita is one of the most humble and kind person I have ever met. The moment I joined their family for the stay and after 2 days as I depart I had most amazing homely experience. She herself is a great travel enthusiast, and extensively has traveled across India. I was blessed to be learn a lot about the North East India and it’s sister states from her, and it proved to be great motivator and moral booster to continue my solo adventure to the corners of  Assam, Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh.

Not only she is a wonderful person, she is also a great cook by herself. If you are staying in Madhumita’s Homesaty, the one thing you must not miss is the home cook food made my Mrs. Madhumita herself, I used to crave for the every opportunity to have the food cooked by her. Look below for more photographs.


Best Part of My Stay: The best part of my stay was, my interaction with Mrs Madhumita’s and her family. My best time used to be the breakfast or lunch-dinner, because it used to be the time, when we chat around different places, people and travel experience and best time for me to get know about the North East India from her own experience. Of course worth to mention the since I used sit for hours, I could eat plenty more as I had more time to eat.

We have became a great friends, and looking ahead to meet everyone again while I travel back to this beautiful city of Guwahati.

Would recommend everyone who is traveling to Guwahati, Assam India for holiday or work. Stay at Madhumita’s Homestay and feel truly a Home away form Home. While you stay, wake-up in the early morning and explore the nearby places you will be getting glimpse of these wonderful birds.


Can check the listing on AirBnb for booking and more details:

Madhumita’s Homestay

Guwahati, Assam, India

My place is close to public transport. You’ll love my place because of the views.

The stairway and beautiful entrance to guest room and terrace garden.





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